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Each bottle of 4oz waterbed conditioner will last six months. The waterbed chemicals kill bacteria which could cause bad smells or noisy air bubbles. To extend the life of the mattress it is vitally important to add the conditioner six monthly and not yearly. The waterbed conditioner works by creating a protective barrier on the inside surface of the waterbed mattress. This extends the life of the waterbed mattresses by reducing the amount of plasticizer lost from the PVC into the water.
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Postage is £3.20 added at checkout regardless of quantity, so stocking up is more economical.


Vinyl cleaner, cleans and freshens the surface of the vinyl mattress. The accumulated dust from dead skin t that would otherwise go into a conventional mattress and feed dust mites settles on the water bed mattress. This should be cleaned at least monthly with the waterbed cleaner because the dust contains body acids that are harmful to the PVC. Other chemical cleaning agents are also harmful to waterbed mattresses. Vinyl cleaner safely cleans and freshens the outside surface of the mattress. For this reason a waterbed is the most hygienic sleeping surface available.

Postage is £3.20 added at checkout but free when purchased with conditioner.


Bubble stop also referred to as bubble gone is designed to prevent the formation of bacteria that causes noisy air bubbles in the waterbed mattress. The bubbles are actually gas released by the bacteria. You should only need to purchase bubble stop if you repeatedly have to remove the bubbles. Click here to view video on How to remove noisy air bubbles. Bubble stop works in most instances and should last up to one year.

Postage is £3.20 added at checkout but free when purchased with conditioner.


Complete vinyl repair kit includes, 1 tube of Vinyl Adhesive and 1 Vinyl Patch 2” x 4”.
Suitable to use on all types of waterbeds.
Easy to use, comes with full instructions.
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You may want to ask yourself why it needs repairing. See our article How Long Should a Waterbed Mattress Last?

Postage is £3.20 added at checkout but free when purchased with conditioner.



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